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InTouch Natural offers SEITAI (Japanese Remedial Massage) and aromatherapy. 
We originally had run a business in Melbourne, Australia for 16 years.
we had relocated in Okayama in late 2016.
As Reiko is an Aromatherapist, and a SEITAI & remedial massage therapist, Reiko chose suitable technique and aromatherapy for each client. After the treatment, you would be very comfortable and relaxed and get energy.
This is good for very busy business men and women, students, tired house wives, and even travelers. 
Also if you are tired of speaking Japanese, you can enjoy speaking English for a while.
I know speaking different language is stressful. Please relax.
InTouch Aromacare offers products. We proudly sell our special Australian Jojoba oil, which is soft and beautiful jojoba oil. It is great moisturizer of skin, nail, and hair. Please ask us anything in English. See PRODUCTS.
オーストラリアン ゴールデン ホホバオイル
 低温圧搾法 ​未精製 一番搾り






特に、​オーストラリアから直輸入したオーストラリアン ゴールデン ホホバオイルなどの商品は通信販売で行っておりますので、是非ご利用ください。

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