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Australia   Diploma of Aromatherapy

Australia   Certificate VI of Massage

India  NeuroGen Hospital        Neuromusucular Rehabilitation 

Asai Massage Kenkyujo Aged Care Aromatherapist

Robert Tesserand   Essential Oil Safety Master 

Nihon Noryoku Kaihatsu Kenkyujo SEITAI Body Care Therapist

In 1991 we migrated in Sydney and then moved to Melbourne in 1992. For the first stage, I went to a community center nearby our house to study English conversation and make friends. Also there were many hobby classes. One of them was a herb class. 

The class has changed my life. I looked for an Aromatherapy school, however, aromatherapy was not popular yet at that time. At last in 1995 I found the Melbourne College of Natural Medicine. I enrolled Certificate VI of Aromatherapy course, and studied Aromatherapy, and Massage.  Then I studied Diploma course.

After I finished Certificate VI, I opened my Aromatherapy Clinic, In Touch Natural Therapies in 2000. At the same year, Sydney Olympic was held in Australia. It was so memorable year. But still I was studying Diploma course and completed all study in 2001.

I had run aromatherapy & remedial massage clinic and teaching aromatherapy & massage for nurses, and at Melbourne Language Center. I had more than 20 country clients from all over the world. It was really good experiences for me. 

I have written a column in "aromatopia", Japanese aromatherapy base health magazine, for 13 years about Australian aromatherapy and other health related topics.


In 2011, a quadriceps  lady client knocked my door. She had spinal cord injury. She asked me to do rehabilitation after the operation of Stem Cell Therapies in India, NeuroGen Hospital. At the hospital, Stem Cell Therapy has already been established in 2008, and practiced  for neuromuscular problems such as spinal cord injury, muscular dysplasia, stroke, autism, and cerebral palsy. However it has just started here in Japan in 2018.

Also we happened to know Australian Jojoba Oil in 2008. Commercial production of Jojoba Oil in Australia has just started at that time. We visited the farm and the processing factory which made jojoba nuts to Jojoba oil by cold press. Our customers told us our jojoba oil is much better quality than other jojoba oil. This is because of the difference of the farm and processing factory.

In Australia, there are two types of health insurance. One is Medicare which is all government own insurance. Another is private insurance which federal government partially support private insurance. Many accredited natural medicine can be providers and practitioner can become a provider. I was Aromatherapy and remedial massage provider.

In Japan, I studied SEITAI body care therapist by correspondence course. I found it very similar to remedial massage. Therefore I call it Japanese remedial massage.

Also I studied kaigo(aged care) aromatherapy at ASAI Massage Kenkyujo.

As an international correspondence of Essential Oil Safety Master class by Robert Tissrand。

My hobby is singing and I have been singing since 2009 . I belong to a choir "choir AYA"

We will have a concert in Okayama Symphony Hall in 22 Jul. 2019. Our choir is quite good.

Please come and see us.

I would like to make an English speaking interesting salon here in Okayama.


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